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WSRN Subscriptions
The WSRN is a cooperative of GNSS Infrastructure Partners. Non-partners may utilize the WSRN real-time services by applying for an annual subscription. Subscriptions may be for single logins, or for multiple logins (see the Application for WSRN Subscription for current subscription levels and prices). Subscription revenue is applied to the operational costs of the WSRN which includes software, support, network upgrades, training and outreach. The WSRN is a self-sustaining cooperative.

Application Process
Download the Application for WSRN Subscription. and the WSRN Subscriber Agreement.
Print the Agreement and Application. Be sure to indicate on the Application the number of logins requested, and also check and initial as such on page 5 of the Agreement. Sign on the last page of the agreement. You can mail the signed Agreement and Application to the address indicated on the Application, or you can scan and email to any of the email addresses below. DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME. You will be invoiced upon execution of the agreement after it has been received by the WSRN, and then you will have 30 days to pay the invoice (check only). Billing is handled by the Accounts Receivable division of Seattle Public Utilities.

An agreement executed before the 15th of a month will be processed with a subscription anniversary date of the 15th of that month, an agreement executed after the 15th of a month will be processed with a subscription date of the 15th of the following month. The initial invoice will be prorated to add days prior to the 15th. Annual renewal invoices will be issued one month before the anniversary date with 30 days to pay.

Trial accounts
If you are a first time user of the WSRN you can request a test login. We encourage all new users to utilize a test account (for up to 90 days) to make sure the services will work for you before committing to a formal account. Simply email a request via the email addresses below and include a date you would like to start the trail period, and also contact info to include company name, address, primary contact and work/cell numbers. We ask for 3 working days lead time to process your request for a trial account but often process them much quicker.

Cancellation Process
If for whatever reason you need to end your subscription, download the Intent to Cancel Form. Print the Intent to Cancel Form, sign and mail to the address on the application or scan and email to one of the addresses below. The date that the WSRN receives and signs the form will be the cancellation date. The remaining portion of the subscription year will be prorated (to the anniversary date) and a refund will be issued.

Each login entitles the subscriber to access one stream from the WSRN servers anywhere in the state at any time (but not for concurrent streams from two or more devices, to do so requires multiple-login subscriptions).

WSRN Contacts:
Gavin Schrock, PLS - 206-684-5630 -
Hunter Eastman - Ph: 206-549-6286 -
Dean Huber - Ph: 206-233-7805 -